I remember a sense of paralytic seizures
taking hold on my physical self like a pit bull
something crawled the stone steps into my throat
affecting my ability to communicate

it’s worse when I’m not around you
that’s when I begin to see you everywhere
my toast and coffee in the morning
remind me of your steamy breath and brown skin

you grace all the billboards of my mind
sexy mamma or the Doris Day girl next door
you’re smiling at me from every passing car
at sunset you beckon to me from the west

I’ve learned to resist your alluring lure
I’ve learned your heart distorts the love I gave
I’ve learned mind over matter when you appear
I’ve learned to never allow me to lust for you

still, I see you every day of my life
I close my eyes you come to me in dreams
you take my body and do what you will
I am ashamed you can possess me so

the daily images of you  is almost at an end
as I trudge up the Mississippi River Bridge
I take a deep breath look into the dark below
knowing you’ll be waiting for me when I leap

©December 2, 2010 / Jerry Pat Bolton