sleep disturbs me
it disturbs me therefore I sleep little
set the clock’s alarm
hour and a half
through the night
my sleep is unplumbed
full of . . .
not exactly dreams, more like
terrifying reality
traveling down toads
I’d traveled before
back in the day
my travels wound and curved around
huge mountains
(I assume represented my many obstacles I’d faced)
deceiving were these twists and turns
what looked right
turned out wrong
what looked pleasant
the road of love
one example
well, more than one example
ended in hopelessness and misery
for all parties concerned
enjoyment turned to discontent
the roads
I trod way back then
and the same roads I trod now
in dreams
are the same
are exactly the same
a living hell
each step I take
I’ve taken before
I know where the roads lead
there is nothin unknown
would that I could take a wrong step
into unfamiliar ground
would that I could use that misstep
to make up for
things I’ve done

©December 5, 2010 / Jerry Pat Bolton