he had a vision from God
after he’d starved himself for legitimacy
of the Word
fasting; good for the soul
though it made him quite lightheaded
still . . . if that’s what it took . . .
if that was what he had to do
to learn truth from sham
he would, and did, wholeheartedly give of himself
living on water
sold what he’d worked for all his life
gave the money to the poor
walked away from his woman
his children
fasting mean more, much more
than starving oneself
to the mean streets he went
staked out a corner
sat there
waited for the Message
God would not refuse him
this Message
hadn’t he obeyed his every command
he had nothing left to give
except himself
at first he was a curiosity
the strange man sitting on the corner
street people
shied from him as if they knew
this one was different
TV people
ran daily segments about him
calling him
Prophet of 32nd Street
though he refused to speak
only smiled
nodded, and looked skyward
after a while it was decided
in his best interest of course
to confine this man in a little steel box with bars
so they came to take him away from his street corner

God appeared before him saying
If you make known your innerself to the world;
Don’t blame the world for telling it to those who would do you harm.

©December 29, 2010 / Jerry Pat Bolton